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Property & check-in information


When arriving at the condo there are two (2) parkade levels that you may use. You can park in any stall, guests are just required to display a parking pass.

ski locker / ski-in ski-out

Ski locker entrance on lower parking level

Entrance at end of parkade

Ski locker access once inside the building

Ski locker is #310. The ski locker code is 1916

Go up the little set of stairs at the end of the hall and the entrance will be the door on the right

building access

Keys are located on upper parkade railing

Look for number 310

The lockbox code is 1920

parkade information

upper parkade

Upper level entrance is located directly across from the lockbox

Lower parkade

Lower level entrance is located to the right when you pull in

lower parkade

1. Go to top of stairwell 2. Turn right and follow the hallway around 3. Unit #310 is on the left 4. Unit door code is 1916

Laundry & garbage

Laundry is located on the second floor to the left of the stairwell entry

Laundry is coin-operated and takes loonies only

Garbage is located on the lower level of the parkade

Elliott Cockram


Brock Curzon


(250) 300-0288