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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Okanagan Valley, Kelowna boasts a collection of exceptional resorts, each offering a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty. From waterfront retreats with panoramic lake views to elegant urban escapes, Kelowna’s resorts cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

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How to choose the right resort in Kelowna for you?

Selecting the perfect Kelowna resort is about aligning what you like with what the area offers. Consider your desired atmosphere, amenities, and location. Whether seeking lakeside tranquility, urban sophistication, or walks in the vineyard, we’ll help you make sure the resort resonates with your ideal getaway. Take a quick look at our map of the Kelowna area.

Featured Family Resorts

Playa del sol

Location: Mission
Amenities: Pool, Hot tub
Atmosphere: Families, couples
Attractions: lake (100m), H20 center, Boat Rentals, Restaurants

hot tub and pool at Pinnacle Point Resort Kelowna BC

pinnacle pointe

Location: Ellison
Amenities: Pool, hot tub
Atmosphere: families, couples
Attractions: Championship golf, airport Access, Wineries

downtown kelowna Resorts

Discovery Bay Resort Kelowna BC Aerial shot

Discovery Bay Resort

Location: Downtown
Amenities: 2 Pools, 2 hot tubs, Gym
Atmosphere: Families, couples
Attractions: beach (100m), Boat Rentals, Restaurants, lakeside

waterscapes resort

Location: Downtown
Amenities: Pool, hot tub, gym
Atmosphere: families, couples
Attractions: beach (300m), Boat Rentals, Restaurants

Sunset Waterfront Resort Downtown Kelowna BC as seen from above

Sunset Waterfront Resort

Location: Downtown
Amenities: Pool, hot tub
Atmosphere: families, couples
Attractions: beach (200m), Boat Rentals, Restaurants

Rooftop pation view from The Brooklyn in Kelowna, BC - Okanagan Valley

brooklyn on bernard

Location: Downtown
Amenities: Rooftop Patio, BBQ
Atmosphere: couples
Attractions: beach (600m), Boat Rentals, Restaurants, lake views, valley views

st. paul

Location: Downtown
Amenities: Ping pong table
Atmosphere: Business, couples
Attractions: beach (600m), Boat Rentals, Restaurants

Sole Downtown Kelowna Rooftop with pergola

sole kelowna

Location: Downtown
Amenities: Fire pit, rooftop patio, Gym
Atmosphere: couples, solo travellers
Attractions: beach (600m), Boat Rentals, Restaurants

Ski Resorts near Kelowna

Venturing beyond the valley bottom you will find a number of resorts scattered throughout the Okanagan Valley. The closest to Kelowna is the renowned Big White Ski Resort. Big White caters to both locals and visitors seeking a snowy adventure.

Big White Ski Resort looking above the ridge rocket express and snow ghost

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We host properties throughout the region. Explore a diverse range of properties across the picturesque Okanagan Valley. From vibrant cityscapes to rural escapes, we have something for you.

what to do at big white

Your visit to Big White isn’t truly complete without indulging in the activities that make this region the ultimate winter destination in Canada!

kelowna resorts FAQs

Enjoy a range of family-oriented amenities at Kelowna resorts, including pools and hot tubs, play pens, and high chairs. Some of our rentals even have board games left by our owners!

Yes, many downtown Kelowna resorts offer convenient access to the city’s main attractions, restaurants, and shops, allowing guests to explore the vibrant downtown area on foot.

Discover lakeside resorts that not only offer stunning waterfront views but also provide easy access to water activities. Refer to our guide above for nearby boat and paddleboard rental services in Downtown Kelowna.

Yes, most resorts in Kelowna with pools have set operating hours, and all outdoor pools are heated with a couple available for year-round enjoyment. Be sure to check our individual resort pages for specific pool hours and other information.

Big White Ski Resort caters to both skiers and non-skiers. Non-skiers can enjoy activities like snowshoeing, ice climbing, and relaxing in mountain spas, ensuring a diverse experience for all guests.

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