1093 Sunset Drive, Kelowna BC

Waterscapes Skye Tower was instantly a landmark in Kelowna as soon as it was built. The project itself also consists of four four-story apartments all sharing a common clubhouse and pool area. It nearly didn’t make the list of vacation rental buildings in Kelowna, but because of pre-existing clause, only original owners, who have been grandfathered in, have the ability to do short term rentals. For a time, Waterscapes was also the tallest building in Kelowna but has since relinquished it’s title. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this place is in a prime location and still a favourite from near and far. 

Important Bylaws

Noise Restrictions

Smoke-free Facility


Parkade entrance height: 6’9

Primary Parking:

There is one designated stall assigned per condo.

Secondary Parking:

Parking is slightly restricted in the Downtown Kelowna Area, please refer to the map for the best parking option for you.