Vacation Rental Management Fees

How Locations management fees cover all your essential needs so you can be a worry-free homeowner!

How does Locations Short Term Rentals work?

Dedicated guest support

From booking to check-out, we are here to offer your guests full support for an excellent stay at your property!

Boots on the ground

Our cleaning and maintenance crews are local and ready to ensure we are keeping the highest standards for your home.

Effective marketing

We advertise your property on the most popular booking channels, as well as on our website and social media channels.

Your success is our top priority

Our success is directly tied to your success, which motivates us to prioritize your best interests at all times. Our dedicated teams on-site diligently monitor the status of your unit, maintain constant communication with your guests, and ensure that all their requirements are promptly addressed and satisfied.

What does the Locations fee cover?

For full accuracy of information about our fees, please refer to the Owner's Package which can be found here.

Our comprehensive fee covers a full-service package tailored to maximize your rental income effortlessly. We diligently establish a strong foundation by thoroughly understanding your property, ensuring optimal guest experiences, and maintaining your property with utmost care over time.

From the outset, we take care of every aspect, including creating and managing your listing on multiple booking channels, handling bookings, payments, guest communication, as well as cleaning and maintenance, so you can enjoy a hassle-free passive income stream.

We take charge of all guest inquiries, bookings, and ensure smooth check-ins and check-outs. Our team goes the extra mile to provide an outstanding guest experience, ensuring cleanliness, well-stocked supplies, and prompt, reliable communication. Every guest is treated with utmost care to maintain our high standards and garner exceptional reviews!

Your property's well-being is our top priority. Our Management fee encompasses continuous monitoring of your unit after each check-out, minor maintenance updates, and ensuring essential supplies are available for guests. Moreover, it empowers us to offer valuable suggestions for enhancements or upgrades, optimizing desirability and guest satisfaction.

Channel fees

Channel fees are fees that are paid to the booking channels our guests use to book through (ex. Airbnb or VRBO).

Vacation Rental Management Fees FAQs

Vacation rental management fees cover a range of services, including listing creation and management on various booking platforms, guest communication, handling bookings and payments, and ensuring a seamless guest experience.
Management fees are calculated as a percentage of the rental income generated by your property. The percentage may vary depending on the city and local factors. The management fee in Kelowna is 20% for short-term rentals and 10% for long-term rental management. The management fee in Big White is 35% for short-term rentals and 15% for long-term rental management off-season.
We charge additional fees for specific services or optional add-ons. These additional fees include maintenance fees, housekeeping fees, and fees for extra services like professional photography or additional purchases we make for your home. It's essential to review the management contract to understand all potential charges.
Management fees are deducted from the rental income earned by the property. The frequency consists of providing monthly statements and payments.

The right partner on your side

Locations provides years of experience, maximizing income while minimizing effort. We handle everything, from inquiries to maintenance, ensuring guest satisfaction. Trust Locations for a hassle-free and profitable rental experience.

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