Vacation Rentals Vs. Hotels

In Kelowna, vacation rentals have been redefining the way we experience a vacation stay and have been providing accommodation options to more than two million tourists every year. Beyond traditional hotels, these dedicated personal spaces offer many opportunities to unlock an unforgettable Okanagan experience.

As the short-term rental landscape is changing in our city and province, please refer to the links below to help answer your questions.

Let’s talk about some of the many benefits of renting a vacation home versus a hotel.

A home away from home

Experience the true essence of Kelowna with a vacation rental that feels like your own personal space. Imagine waking up to the breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake from your lakeside condo or cozying up by the fireplace in a charming chalet at Big White. These rentals are more than just places to stay — they’re your home away from home, filled with personalized touches to make you as comfortable as possible. Staying in a vacation home gives you the flexibility to come and go as you please and enjoy your personal space without interruption. Not to mention, our homes are fully-stocked with more than what you’d get if you stayed in a hotel.

Check out our gorgeous Copper Sky condos in West Kelowna. The vacation homes in this complex have access to the pool, a year-round hot tub, a tennis court, a pickleball court, and a basketball court on site — making it the perfect family getaway.

Copper Sky Resort view looking north

Private Kitchens

When you choose a vacation rental vs. a hotel, you get the perks of a fully-equipped kitchen to elevate your dining experience. For a fully-immersive experience, we highly recommend exploring the local farmers’ markets and wineries, then bringing the flavors of the region back to your home where you can cook up a storm. Buy fresh, local ingredients and enjoy your creations in the comfort of your own dining space.

Our gorgeous Chute Lake home with a lakeview has one of the best kitchens around, and with 4 bedrooms, you can easily cater for up to 8 people in your group.


a chance to experience the local vibe

Vacation homes give you the opportunity to stay nestled among locals, where you can experience the city’s culture firsthand. Unlike a hotel, our vacation homes are located in the heart of the most vibrant neighbourhoods and are meant for a fully-immersive experience. We encourage all our guests to explore the charming cafes in their area, boutique shops, and local attractions to get a real taste of the true Kelowna living.

If you’re looking for a stay in West Kelowna, look no further than Copper Sky. Close to the most loved locally-owned cafes and restaurants in the area, this location is sure to steal your heart.

Spacious Living Areas

Escape the confines of traditional hotel rooms and enjoy the freedom of spacious living areas in vacation rental homes. Whether it’s gathering around the fireplace with loved ones or lounging in a cozy reading nook, these spaces are designed for relaxation and comfort.

Check out Chute Lake, where spacious living areas offer the perfect setting for quality time with family and friends.


privacy & tranquility

Opting for a vacation home rental allows you to escape the hustle and bustle and offers a serene retreat away from the crowds. Whether it’s sipping your morning coffee on a private balcony or stargazing from your backyard, privacy becomes a cherished part of your stay. Vacation homes are especially beneficial for large groups or groups with kids, as you have enough space at our properties to be in the same home, yet not feel too crowded.

Chalet Monashee at Big White offers everything you want and more for an unforgettable winter experience.


cost-effectiveness for groups

For group travellers, vacation rentals prove more cost-effective than booking multiple hotel rooms. This way you can share the cost while enjoying the added benefit of communal spaces where everyone can gather, creating an even better experience for your stay.

To see a full list of our available vacation homes for your group, visit our booking page.

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vacation rentals vs. hotels FAQs

Vacation rentals offer more space and privacy compared to hotel rooms. Our guests can enjoy amenities like fully equipped kitchens, dedicated living areas, and outdoor spaces, providing a home-away-from-home experience.

While prices vary depending on location and amenities, vacation rentals can often be more cost-effective for families or larger groups. With the option to cook meals at home and split the cost among multiple guests, vacation rentals can provide better value for money compared to hotels.

As vacation rental hosts, we provide personalized and dedicated service to our guests. We offer assistance with check-in, local recommendations, and responsive communication throughout your stay to ensure the most pleasant experience.

Vacation homes are ideal for families, offering the convenience of multiple bedrooms, kitchen facilities, and spacious living areas. Families traveling with young children can enjoy the comforts of home, such as separate sleeping spaces and the flexibility to prepare meals according to their children’s preferences.

Before booking a vacation rental, you can research our properties and read reviews from previous guests. We take pride in the cleanliness, safety measures, and communication we provide for all our vacation homes. Additionally, booking through reputable vacation rental platforms (like Airbnb and VRBO) can provide added peace of mind, as they often have verification processes in place for us, the host, and listings.

new short-term regulations in BC

Regarding the recent implementation of new short-term rental regulations by the province of British Columbia, effective May 1, 2024, we understand the concerns this may raise for our guests and property owners across BC. As a vacation rental management team, we share these concerns about the future of short-term rentals in Kelowna.

Currently, the province is only allowing primary residences to be used for short-term rentals. This includes vacation homes that are grandfathered in and is limited to approximately 500 properties in Kelowna. We understand that this will pose limitations for short-term booking options in our area, especially for guests looking to stay in a vacation home instead of a hotel room.

At the present moment, it looks like the province is not willing to make any exceptions for dedicated short-term vacation rental buildings (like Playa Del Sol, Discovery Bay, Waterscapes, The Brooklyn, and St. Paul) in 2024, but we will keep everyone updated as we receive new information.

For an official overview of the regulations and the City of Kelowna’s stance, you can refer to their statement here.


Our professional opinion is that Kelowna has been a model city in enforcing short-term vacation rental policies, and we believe it can serve as a blueprint for addressing housing issues province-wide. Despite these challenges, our team is committed to adapting to the changing landscape and ensuring the best possible experience for both our property owners and guests.

We are actively exploring ways to navigate these new regulations while continuing to provide exceptional service and support to our owners and guests.

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